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A standardized treatment for anyone dealing with addiction has been developed by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA).  See the history section if you would like to know more about NADA.

This treatment is called the Five Needle Protocol because it consists of five needles placed in each ear (for a total of ten needles).  This is a very calming and balancing treatment. 

Substance abuse throws the body more and more out of balance in order to experience the artificial high created by the toxicity.  This treatment, with nothing on or in the needles (nada) helps to restore the body's natural balance, using nothing but what is already in the body.

It can be a powerful experience when an addict feels calmness and balance without using or abusing a substance, just from the natural capability of her/his own body.  Because the benefits (physical and emotional) are very noticeable to the recipient, acupuncture is often used as the "carrot" in a recovery program, i.e., sometimes participants are not allowed to have acupuncture treatments if they haven't attended counseling or medical appointments.