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You may not have noticed this, but most people have a temperature that they prefer in beverages – cold, warm, or hot.  (If I had only cold or iced water to drink, I would not be drinking much water.)  Decide what temperature is most appealing to you and make sure you have that available.  

If the temperature is correct, but you still don’t want to drink water, don’t hesitate to “dress it up.”  Nowadays there are dozens, maybe hundreds, of herbal teas available.  They don’t have to be brewed as strongly as the directions on the box indicate.  If you prefer cold drinks, make them the night before and chill in the refrigerator.  

Dress up your water with a squeeze of lemon juice, or other citrus juice, or a twist of zest.  The options are only limited by your imagination! 

Don't hesitate to experiment with your options so you don’t get bored.  This is something good you are doing for yourself.  Why not enjoy it?

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